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A ogni uccello il suo nido e bello

“To every bird, his own nest is beautiful.”

We love the luminous turquoise waters lapping the shores of Venice, the colorful rooftops of Bologna, the classical modern artwork of Alessandro Mendini, and the sweet and tangy aroma of lemons, mandarin and bergamot found in The Aeolian Islands near Sicily. We’re enchanted by the alluring romance of the Italian language with its passionate, sonorous sounds, the gorgeous fashions, vibrant trattorias, and the cool taste of gelati on a warm afternoon. And we’re seduced by the rolling hills, dreamy dusks, and rustic country villas surrounded by olive tree groves that are centuries old.

This passion for all travel and relaxed lifestyle is evident in our eco-friendly large, sturdy, reusable totes, made of high quality canvas, designed with real Italian Leather Handles and adorned with fun messages.

Totellini is a new online boutique created in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded by Cheryl Noble, Totellini is a brand of the White Mare Trading Company and was created in 2018 to bring stylish, eco-friendly gifts with a touch of Italy to online shoppers.

A sought-after interior designer, Cheryl has spent much of her career working in the design industry. She enjoys developing and discovering unique, design-driven products that are developed with local artisans who share her passion for innovative design and love of Italy.

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A combination of light and life, past and present, art and design, sunshine and shadow. Italy is Italy. Everywhere else is everywhere else.

David Downtown, fashion illustrator and portraitist